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AC Repair in Flower Mound

Highly Skilled at Troubleshooting AC Problems

If your air conditioner is not functioning at peak efficiency or has stopped working completely, call Triple A Air Conditioning. Our local, family-owned business has provided AC repair in Irving, Flower Mound, and the surrounding areas for over 50 years. We have stayed abreast of the latest technologies while remaining committed to our values of service and honest pricing.

Please contact us today at (972) 449-9822 for all your AC repair needs.

3 Signs I need AC Repair

It's important as the seasons change to be attentive to how your AC is running. By keeping an eye out for these signs, it can save you both money and the frustration that comes with an unexpected AC breakdown. Below we have provided you with 3 signs to look for when it comes to AC repair.

  • Little To No Air Flow -
    An obvious sign you need AC repair is that you have noticed your AC vent flow is very weak or non-existent. The flow doesn't seem to circulate around your household like it use to and parts of your home are much warmer then other areas. This sign is an indicator you need to call our expert Air Conditioning repair in Flower Mound.
  • AC Is Blowing Warm Air -
    As temperatures get warmer, the last thing you and your house hold want is your AC unit blowing warm or hot air. If this is happening in your home, it's an indicator that your AC may need repairs. It could be something like your system is low on refrigerant or even a problem in your duct system.
  • Strange Smells -
    Are strange odors coming out of your AC? If you're noticing an unusual or unpleasant odor when your air is blowing, it could mean your AC is in need of a repair. Common issues could be something like an electrical issue or even mold contamination. If it's a musty smell coming for your AC, it's probably mold in your AC system.

Air Conditioning Repairs for Any Brand

Our qualified technicians are skilled and equipped to repair all types of residential air conditioning systems and brands. We begin with a thorough diagnosis of your equipment to identify the source of the problem and replace the damaged or malfunctioning parts to get your system back up and running again as quickly as possible. Although we are able to repair most units, if the system is old or damaged beyond repair, we may recommend replacement.

We offer expert repair services for:

  • Central air conditioning systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Ductless mini-split systems
  • Zoned AC systems

We have honed our troubleshooting skills over the past three generations. Our technicians are able to accurately identify the problem with your air conditioner and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective repair solutions. We take the time to explain the problem with your system and the repair that is needed. You will be provided with an estimate for your repair, so you will know the cost before we start the work.

Emergency Repairs Available

If your air conditioning breaks down in the heat of summer, it can be both uncomfortable and unsafe. Restoring your AC is a must in the hottest months of the year. Unfortunately, air conditioning equipment often breaks down suddenly and in the middle of the night or the middle of a heatwave. Our licensed technicians are here when you need us with emergency AC repair in Flower Mound. We offer 24-hour emergency repair service, seven days a week.

Call (972) 449-9822 for reliable AC repair or emergency service.


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